The hunter is our mascot.
It is the very first character to show up in the game and also the guy proudly posing on the home-page.
Since the beginning, we were willing to give him this bestial look. He’s supposed to look like a savage but still remains some kinda hero. So, he ended up with this pre-historical look which quickly evolved from a black and white rough drawing to a real coloured character :


The hunter comes from a tropical tribe that lives in the jungle. He spends his whole life in the wild with all sort of unfriendly animals.
Man from tribe has to learn very young how to survive in the jungle. For them, hunting is essential for their survival.  Protecting the village and bringing edible meat from the corrupted tropics are their priorities.

Of course this character has something unique. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have picked him as our mascot.
For several years, the tribe was the pray of an enormous beast who repeatedly managed to slaughter villagers. Many experienced hunters followed the beast in the jungle to stop the massacre. But no one ever returned…
No one until …
Guess who managed to bring the gigantic beast’s head after several days of hunting ?




Since very young the cult noticed how well he is able to perfectly aim and pitch at distant targets.
They improved that skills until he became the best knife thrower of the tribe. Now, he simply never misses.
With the years, he became stronger and finally was able to carry what is now his main and favorite weapon. His spear traverse long distances and whistles in the air before hitting any pray.

However, his sole spear will not be enough for confronting the creature he’ll encounter…
The hunter mastered the art of setting traps which makes him a redoubtable attacker as well as a valuable defender.
And that’s how he managed to put down the beast. An amazing combination of traps followed by a well placed spear before finishing the job with knifes.


The game mechanics should start to become clearer by now. At least, you know which kind of weapons he’ll cary and how he’ll be fighting.
Next we’ll talk more about what is driving the hunter. Why did he leave his tribe and what is he really doing in this game ?
By the same time, you’ll know more about the game mechanics.
A lot of work is yet to come. Hunter’s mouvements, actions and animations are on their way and looks very promising already…




True story :
 The hunter always starts his day with some stretching exercices.


Morning Gym